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paint and colour

On this page you may download and print our “Panchi’s Paint and Colour” patterns. The children can paint the patterns and colour them as they wish. This way they may enjoy Panchi all year long!

Dowload paint and colour

  • Gymnastic`s Panchi
    Gymnastic`s Panchi

    One, two, three, lift your leg up! Download and colour this Panchi doing gymnastics.

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  • Panchi in the pool
    Panchi in the pool

    Refresh yourself with this “Paint and Colour” pattern of Panchi in the pool.

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  • Panchi the indian
    Panchi the indian

    On the occasion of the Indian Day we all turn into Apaches for one day. Paint and colour Panchi disguised as an Indian.

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  • Panchi the juggler
    Panchi the juggler

    Panchi is also a Circus artist! Download and colour this pattern of Panchi doing juggling.

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  • Tai-chi Panchi
    Tai-chi Panchi

    This Panchi loves to travel to the Far East and become a tai-chi master. Download this original pattern and colour it.

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  • Volleyball Panchi
    Volleyball Panchi

    This Panchi loves sports. Paint and colour this Panchi playing volleyball.

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