Welcome to Panchi World

the mascot

Our mascot Panchi is a loveable sailfish giving life to the image and logotype of the Lopesan chain.

Panchi welcomes all the children coming to the hotel every week and plays with them during the day at the Miniclub and in the evenings in the minidisco or on the occasion of Panchi’s minishows.

Ah, before we forget to mention it: There are also special parties like the Panchi Parade or Panchi’s Birthday…

Apart from that Panchi doesn’t come alone; he is accompanied by his funny friends: the Lion, the Turtle, the Crab and the Penguin, participating with Panchi in his games and adventures.


  • Turtle

    Our mascot, the turtle is small, green and slow… His shell is his house. Our turtle never wants to leave the hotels, because he loves to spend his time with the children.

  • Penguin

    Our funny penguin is always well dressed in his elegant penguin suit. He comes from very far away, from an island near the North Pole to play with our children and to dance non-stop

  • Lion

    This lion is strong and brave! When he is in a good mood, he doesn’t stop roaring, but don’t be afraid, this mascot has a big heart. He’s a very good-hearted lion!

  • Crab

    This adorable crab lives on the beach near the hotels, but sometimes he comes along with the rest of his friends to play with the children. Watch out for his pincers!